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Parks and Rec is by far the best show on tv. It’s just so sweet and comical and wonderful!

Right? I always end up feeling good about everything after watching an episode. 

Also guys you should watch parks and recreation. It’s super funny, smart, and has plenty of good values. 

It’s not a perfect show either but in a media where women are horribly representated, sex is presented as the most important thing in the universe, and good people are labed as losers, is nice to have a show that does none of these and promote the opposite for a change. 

My main argument about Wally’s race change:


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It’s not sincere. Do you really think they have genuinely good feelings for this change? No. As a fan of Flash and more specifically, Wally West, I know how this works. The current management hates Wally West. Plain and simple. Since Didio came onto boards they did their best to take Wally away. First Bart Allen as Flash fiasco. Then the return of Wally West with horrifically editorial mandated run. Theeeen the Rebirth and you know the rest of history.
a) Wally would get his own book: Didn’t happen.
b) Wally would play a huge part in Barry’s new run: Didn’t happen
c) Most of Wally’s part in Rebirth was either changed or cut
d) Wally would kick a** in Flashpoint and play a huge part: He died in a pathetic way instead.
e) Young Justice S2 Finale.
f) Complete erasure of Wally West in nu52.
g) Barry taking on ALL OF Wally’s accomplishments, personality, suit and to a degree his side cast. Barry being the generator of SF retcon.
h) Just…disappearing.

All of these, no matter which excuse you put, can’t be done to a character that’s favored by uppers. We all know that current management are no fans of Perez/Wolfman and Waid eras of DC.

Now let’s look at which excuses were given to us for why Wally was erased:

a) He had a family with kids.
b) Barry Allen needed spotlight and introduction of Wally West would cut away from Barry’s life span. Booch & Manapul said it several times that: Fans would start counting down for the demise of Barry, we can’t let that happen.

(All of these have sources btw, I can link.)

So what DC had as choice? Wally West has a VAST fanbase (arguably even bigger than Barry’s but “arguably”) and fans were constantly asking for Wally’s return. There is a new show coming up so book has to shine and take in the fans that were taken away by the lack of Wally.

What to do? Make sure Wally never becomes “important” again. Make sure fans wouldn’t “count down” for him taking over mantle while keeping them happy. Also taking away excuses “hey but we introduced Wally!”.

This is a great way to do this. So clever like, I can’t believe it. So great. If fans raise their tone they would be shut down by the cries of “racissssmmm!!”. This also gives a great opportunity to test on everything new on him. Since he doesn’t even look like himself (aka a random character with his name) they can do whatever they want with him! He is no longer binded by nostalgia!
And when takes over from Didio, they can’t reboot Wally to his ginger self again. That’d be racist! And since this version won’t be as popular as the old Wally, he can never become Flash! And even if he becomes Flash, he can’t run the show for 25 years like he did before! Because someone will come and say “hey he doesn’t LOOK ICONIC enough” Great! No more Wally vs. Barry debates! It’s done, Wally no longer exists! Barry wins! Forever and ever!

So you tell me that I should appreciate DC’s love for diversity? The DC that whitewashed and wrote out Connor Hawke? The DC put Static Shock and Blue Beetle in to limbo? HMM? They don’t give a single frack about this. All of this is for stupid publicity, especially for TV show.

Should I start on “ghetto boy that needs the direction of *owowo* white knight. Hmm there was a TVTropes link about this, heh here: White Man’s Burden:…hiteMansBurden
The fastest Man Alive looking Aryan and the second one being black? I can go on how offensive this is but my post is getting too long. The real risk is, you know, making BARRY black. THAT’S some representation HUH. Not the one DC constantly shohoerned and didn’t care about.

This guy won’t turn out like we root for. I’m someone who’s behind representation and I love my comics diverse but this is Wally West. The guy DC doesn’t give a shit about. He’s gonna become a second fiddle to everything. He’s probably gonna get killed in a few Crisis. He’s not going to get his own book. You just know it won’t happen. And this IS OFFENSIVE.

There is really something wrong about WHY WALLY BUT NOT ANYONE ELSE. Why Stephanie isn’t Hispanic? Why Dick and Kyle got whitewashed? Why BARRY ALLEN, THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE, not POC? And why Wally, the character we know THEY HATE. There is absolutely nothing good about changing the race of a character they dislike and expect me to applaud them.

All in all, this isn’t sincere, this is offensive and I don’t feel represented. If they wanted to do this, they should have brought in a new character.

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words cannot possibly explain how upset i feel about wally west right now


DC Announces Plans to Put BATMAN on Almost Every Cover in July 2014


I love Batman. I do. But I cannot overstate how overkill this is. Seriously, I feel like I’m being drowned in Batman stuff. He has a dozen monthly comics, a weekly comic, Arkham Origin and now Knight, Batman and Son, Assault on Arkham, and the Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke shorts, and Batman is highjacking the Man of Steel sequel. Just rename DC Comics to Batman Comics.

the sad thing is, DC is making batman fans sick of batman


What if this guy got you pregnant?

3.13 - 6.18